Q: hey, how are you? I was wondering if you could recommend some good DSBM bands? I have only dabbled a little bit, but DBSM captures an emotion in me that is very hard to explain.... it captures an emotion that I cannot describe in words.... if that makes sense... Anyways, thanks for any suggestions

Hi, I’m going, thank you.I understand, DSBM is wonderful, it is a journey in emotions and feelings. Sure, I’ll help, it will be a pleasure.


Nostalgie Depression

Oppressive Light 


Ars Diavoli

Suicidal Psychosis



Nocturnal Nightmare


Ghost Bath

Like Desolate Like True

Emptiness Soul



Means to An End

Drowning Negativism


I hope to have helped in something, good night.

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Q: como consegiste la camisa

El compré en un sitio

Aquí: http://www.paganwardistro.com/home.html

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Q: I understand your love for music but are the self mutilating thoughts a result of Something else? Or is it some type of tough Image you're trying to achieve. (Not attacking purely curious)

If you understand why ask? I’m not ago of image none, as you said. That’s me, I’m not pretending to be nothing here.

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Q: Same zajebistości muzyczne widzę ;) poobserwuję. DSBM jest najlepsze!

Did not quite understand what you said, but thank you for visiting my blog.

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